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Older Caravans - Pre 2004
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Imported / Converted Vans
Changing gas cylinders is always a problem. At worst you need a spanner. At best you have a clip-on connection.
With both cylinders connected.. At worst it's the flip of a switch. At best it's fully automatic... Fit a Gaslow

01-1625 (Butane) / 01-1630 (Propane)

Designed to create a twin cylinder gas system for new caravans. This unit simply screws on to your 30mbar regulator and allows you to reconnect your existing hose and (with an additional hose) turn your system into a manual changeover with built in leak detection and low-level indicator.


01-1626 (Butane)


01-1627 (Butane)


01-1631 (Propane)




These design configurations are for 30 mbar regulators which are not fitted upright in the middle of a gas locker but are fitted either sideways in the corner, e.g. the ‘Avondale’ (01-1626) or other difficult configurations (01-1627). These special adapters allow you to connect both cylinders before setting off. With Propane this is very helpful as shorter hose lengths make connection difficult
in the confined area of the locker.

Auto Changeover Head

01-1755 (Butane/Propane)

Simply screw this changeover on to your 30mbar regulator and it works with both Butane and Propane. When gas levels run low, the sensing device automatically changes to the reserve cylinder without interrupting the gas flow.
The non-return valve allows disconnection of the empty cylinder without disrupting the supply.

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